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  Produzione e Distribuzione tubi Hoses production and distribution
  Settori: Fields:

- Elettrodomestici - Household electrics

- Autotrazione - Automotive

- Industriale - Industrial







The factory extends on a 1300 mq area and is composed of a production field where are situated the breading machines (for textil and metal production) including automatic coil machines, hot solutions lines (impregnation), automatic cut lines and packing.


Furthermore is present a complete extrusion plant for rubber and silicone.


On the second floor we have an office area of about 120 mq for the administrative and commercial functions.



Marotrec sas di M. Galbarini & C - Via Bramante da Urbino, 48 - 20052 - Monza (MI)    

Tel. (+39)  039-832696 fax (+39) 039-2023696 - P.IVA 00916300965


Mail info@marotrec.it     

webmaster: info@sistemisticasw.it